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"fight woman"
— Front Desk Worker


Natsuko, the Martial Artist is one of the two VIP characters in PWNED 3, debuting on 2/15/21. Her reasonably complex playstyle involves consistently upkeeping Combo Score and efficiently managing combo skills in a fast paced manner for optimal damage output.


Class Passives

Weakness Exploit.PNG Weakness Exploit

Natsuko gains 0.5% Critical Chance per 1 Combo Score. Natsuko also gains 1 Combo Score per critical strike.
Natsuko additionally gains increased damage based on how much Combo Score she currently has.

Bonus Damage: +1% per 5 Combo Score.
Bonus damage is capped at +100% at 500 Combo Score.

Dented Blows.PNG Dented Blows

Natsuko's Critical Hits will permanently lower an enemy's defense by 0.15%

Nimble Assassin.PNG Nimble Assassin

Whenever Natsuko uses her legs in an animation, the damage will be amplified by 180%.

Aerial Dive: Pressing a right click input while in the air will propel Natsuko downwards at an angle, dealing damage to enemies struck. The damage is increased the farther up Natsuko is in the air.
Ground Slide: Pressing a right click input while on the ground will make Natsuko slide on the ground, dealing damage to enemies.

Iron Stance.PNG Iron Stance

Hitting an enemy will grant a temporary barrier equal to 0.5% of Natsuko's MAX HP that blocks damage.

Active Skills

Grapple.PNG Grapple
Level ?? Required

Natusuko will uppercut, and any foe caught within its proximity will be smashed into the ground, dealing 2000% damage and reducing its DEF permanently.
Nearby enemies caught within the impact smash will be damaged by 300% +50% of Natsuko's MAX HP +20% of the enemy's MAX HP.
Some bosses can't be grappled, and in some instances, enemies may become immune to its effects.


Animation does not function correctly in PvP.

Leg Crusher.PNG Leg Crusher
Level ?? Required

Natsuko quickly stomps in front of her, dealing light area attack to enemies struck.
Enemies closest to Natsuko takes 300% additional damage. Hitting a target while having under 15 Combo Score will instantly give 50 Combo Score.


Flash Kick.PNG Flash Kick
Level ?? Required

Natsuko kicks upwards, somersaulting her backward and emitting two ranged strikes in the direction she was originally facing.
The beginning of the kick has parrying properties.

Flash KickDemo.gif

Whirlwind Strike.PNG Whirlwind Strike
Level ?? Required

Natsuko sweeps with her leg then kicks upward, dealing damage multiple times.

Whirlwind StrikeDemo.gif

Roaring Flames.PNG Roaring Flames
Level ?? Required

Natsuko spins forward and slams the ground, blasting burn damage to all surrounding enemies within its conflagration.
Burned enemies take periodic damage over time equal to 50% of Natsuko's damage and regenerates Natsuko's Stamina by 10 per tick.

Roaring FlamesDemo.gif

Dragon Punch.PNG Dragon Punch
Level ?? Required

Tap: Natsuko will briefly uppercut once in front of her, dealing damage to enemies struck in its miniscule range.

Hold: Charge up a devastating attack. If this stance has held for at least three seconds, release to flare Natsuko upwards, dealing draconic amounts of damage to enemies caught within its radiance.

Dragon Punch TapDemo.gifDragon Punch ChargedDemo.gif

Dragon Punch Tap (left)
Dragon Punch Hold (right)


"It seems like they're calling out... for you."

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